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We can analyze data and provide trend insight

Dr. Robert Palechek

Talent Management and Optimization, Analytics, Applied Statistics, Program Evaluation, Surveys

Leadership Development  

Dr. Palechek is our statistical modeling virtuoso! Dr. Palechek is skilled in applied analytics – concepts, modeling, and reporting. Dr. Palechek has served our country for over 25 years in the Marine Corps.

Dr. Palechek holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources and a Masters of Communication and Leadership from Park University which has provided a sound platform for understanding organizational congruency.

Robert earned his Doctoral degree from Capella University in 2015 Leadership and Organizational Management. Next, Robert is the senior research analyst on two workplace activities directly related to performance; the effect of a new candidate interviewing model, and the efficacy of sales contests among sales professionals. Dr. Palechek is the author of Advance and Enrich; The Career Lattice Model of Workforce Progression. Dorrance (2019)

Dr. John Christopher Hannon

Leadership Architect

Education: D.B.A. Nova Southeastern University; M.B.A University of Dayton 

B.I.E University of Dayton


Background: A developer of leadership architects! Dr. Hannon spent the last 46 years of teaching and consulting in the management/business discipline.  While director of the

Florida Institute of Technology's Aberdeen Graduate Center, Dr. Hannon developed

Internet-based content, DOD and commerce partnerships, and taught

Graduate Business and IT courses. John provides leadership design support for

Tate Consulting and is a loving father and husband. John works tirelessly to develop others

and is committed to developing legacy leaders.


  • Charismatic Leadership: basis and characteristic.  

  • Computer-mediated education.

  • Employee retention: compensation issues in the banking and insurance industries. 

  • Ethics in finance.


John provides leadership design support for Tate Consulting and is a loving father and husband.

John works tirelessly to develop others and is committed to developing legacy leaders.


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Co-Presenter.  The Hawthorne Studies, 99 Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, IL., August 1999.

Session Chair.  Doctoral Student Workshop: Managing the Dissertation Process, 99 Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, IL., August 1999.

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